Getting Started With CenterPoint

It's easier than you think

Once you make your mind up to find a financial advisor, the last thing you need is someone who makes it difficult for you to take that next step. That’s why we do all we can to make you feel comfortable and confident working with a Raymond James Financial Advisor at CenterPoint Financial Group. 

If you like, you may use the following documents to pull together the information we’ll need to get started. Feel free to bring this information to your initial meeting. Or, if you prefer, we’re also happy to sit down and get to know you before exchanging these details.

Investment Policy Questionnaire-- helps your financial advisor to determine the proper balance of risk for each client's portfolio

Important Documents Checklist -- assists the Financial Advisor in assessing your current situation.

Ready when you are


When you’re ready, feel free to send your completed documents directly to CenterPoint Financial Group at:

Fax: 402-593-8600